In June 2011, on a site at Kessingland (pop:9322) Suffolk, an area of outstanding natural beauty with water meadows of the Latymare dam through which runs the Hundred river runs, two 125 metre wind turbines were erected which dominate the landscape. These industrial monsters tower over this beautiful countryside spoiling our village and Gisleham's landscape and skyline. The pretty community of Black Street, part of Gisleham parish, is directly west of the site. Gisleham Parish Council spearheaded the campaign together with Benacre Estate. They fought in the High Courts to stop the construction of the wind turbines at a cost of £40,000 but regrettably they lost.

Planning was submitted by SLP some five years ago, however the Wind Turbines were permitted by the Planning Inspectorate. One Turbine is 600 meters from Black Street and the other approximately the same distance from residents in Whites Lane, Kessingland.

The Planning Inspector stated (when granting permission) that the nearest Black Street property was a mere 450 metres away.

EcoGen (under joint development with SLP) constructed the two wind turbines, both at a height of 125 meters.

Noise and the effect on health.

The issue of noise produced by wind turbines is controversial as there are widely conflicting views. An apparent shortage of scientific research and planning regulations are based on outdated data significantly contributes to the problem.

Wind turbines produce three types of sound - (a) mechanical noise from the gearbox and generators, (b) aerodynamic noise from the movement of the blades through the air and (c) low frequency infra sound. Research has shown that low frequency sound can cause serious health problems for people sensitive to its effects. People living near wind turbines have reported experiencing health problems including sleep difficulties, headaches, irritability and stress. Wind turbines now dominate the landscape for miles around and can impact on the quality of life of thousands living in the area. Some residents are, however, not affected by them. Even if they live next door to a resident who is.
This is not a NIMBY issue.

This website has been created to inform people about the adverse affects the two turbines are having on their quality of life. Either through health issues, noise, flickering, vibration, amplitude modulation- AM, devaluation of properties, effects on wildlife, the holiday businesses and the damage to the natural beauty in the surrounding area.

Two public meetings have already taken place with W.D.C (Waveney District Council), the developers and our MP Peter Aldous, another is planned in June.

At the last public meeting over 100 residents attended, all bringing their private issues, concerns and worries. Many raised issues of noise, the resultant sleepless nights and having to leave their own homes to get some peace. Others related to their quality of life having been adversely affected. Some had moved bedrooms to get a good nights sleep, others were unable to relax in their own gardens due to the noise from the turbines.

We must fight to get our former quality of lives back. Together, we can win this fight through the 'Power of the People'.

Please add your issues to this Website and be sure to ring Waveney District Council asking for the Environment Department. They will log and record your complaint of noise and disturbances. The more complaints recorded on noise issues, the more power they will have to argue to act.

Please support our Campaign

If you would like to show your support, why not email us @ info@turnthemoff.co.uk or fill in our contact form.